‘The Quiet Gunner at War’  described as a “delightfully fresh and well written account of war at the sharp end of North Africa, Sicily and North West Europe.”

The story of this young, brave but humble Royal Artillery Officer’s war was completed in 1958 and the manuscript was then left bound and gagged at home for forty years. Richmond died in 1973 without it being published. Thirty five years later, his son Peter decided to do something about this. His aim was to verify the details and also to sort out pictures and cpyrights, and add a thorough index of names, place and military units.  As the manuscript had been written well before the Internet and before many of his contemporaries’ diaries, Peter was worried that later records would show inaccuracies in his father’s text. There were very few and his father’s descriptions of battle and day to day life with his soldiers are still very vivid and accurate.  It is interestingly relevant today as it describes his sometimes delicately balanced position as an English officer in a Scottish regiment.  His descriptions of North Africa are also lively reminders of the recent Libyan conflict.

The Quiet Gunner at War. ISBN 978 1 84884 540 4
by Richmond Gorle, edited by Peter Gorle
Published by Pen and Sword
Available in hardback

Other formats available –

The Quiet Gunner At War Kindle Edition (3.8 MB)
The Quiet Gunner At War ePub Edition (2.3 MB)

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